Sangti Valley

15 kms from Dirang, Bomdila - Tawang Highway, Arunachal Pradesh

Sangti valley, is yet to be a hotspot for millions of domestic and foreign tourists in Arunachal Pradesh. The tiny spot has all beauty and natural bounty to catch the eyes of the tourists. But the spot is yet to be totally explored. Tourist infrastructure here is minimum. But efforts are on to promote tourism in this beautiful valley with huge footfall of foreign tourists. But the tourists can make it a nice occasion to be atop a heavenly hills station on a holiday. Hemmed in by the Himalayas, Sangti valley is known for its breath-taking landscape and abode of the rare black tailed crane who come down from China for a few months.

The distance from Dirang is 15 kilometres on the Bomdila - Tawang Highway. Dense forests and gurgling rivulets also add the beauty if the Himalayan range. The best time to visit the valley is October to March when season flowers would be in full bloom, gurgling rivulets would fall flow calmly and the various big and small birds would keep chirping. The local tribal people refer to these winged beings as tung tung k auk. A PWD bridge, electricity connection have no less helped the spot boost tourism in this yet-to-be totally explored place. Thus, a tourist village is emerging soon in this area. This is apart from a number of tiny hamlets to help you provide refreshment.  

A beautiful place has beautiful culture and tradition. The people, mostly, in this place are Buddhist Monpas. Their culture and traditional have striking similarity with their counterparts in Bhutan. Sheep farming is a pleasant and profitable business for their livelihood. A can catch a glimpse of a sheep farm where a teen ager would whistle a unique call to force the grazing sheep comer running.

The congenial climate help the people here cultivate kiwis apart from juicy apple, pineapple, orange et al.

Destination at a Glance
How to reach

By Air. Tezpur Airport, located 143 km away, is the nearest airport. It is connected by flights to Kolkata and Guwahati.

By Train. Tezpur is the major rail head closest to Sella Pass.

By Road. Buses and Taxi ply regularly between Tezpur (Assam) and Sella.

Best time to visit
April and May

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Nearest city

Dirang, Tawang, Tezpur