West Tripura

Mahamuni Pagoda

The Mahamuni temple or pagoda is located in Manubankul village in south Tripura. The temple has a central shrine and is framed by an extensive grass lawn. The sanctum holds a large mahamuni image which is a small chamber and has a roof covering made up of seven tired roofs. This place traces back to history and it was made during the royal reign. It is a memento of the yesteryears that blinds us together even today to our roots.

Benuban Vihar

Benuban Vihar located in Kunjaban area of Tripura is known to be the most attractive tourist destinations which holds metal idols of lord Buddha, varying in sizes. Benuban vihar is one of the smallest Buddhist temples in North East. It is an abode of tranquillity and peace that provides serenity to every visitor. The structured design of the temple is constructed in Tripura style and the place is a red coloured sanctum. The metal idols of Bodhisattna and lord Buddha are placed inside it. The reason behind the name Benuban is that the whole place is surrounded by trees.

Sepahijala Wild Life Sanctuary

If you have not ever been to Sepahijala in Tripura have missed a good catch. Precisely, it’s a wild life sanctuary that can provide no less wonder and joy to the tourists from the country and abroad. The 18.53 square kilometres woodland in Bishalgarh is an abode of many rare birds and animals apart from some rare species of plants. The most striking animal here is the clouded leopard which is rare in the country. Other include jungle fowl, civets, barking deer, wild pigs, elephants, Himalayan black bears, slow loris, monitor lizards, python, rhino, hog deer.

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