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WILDHORN Black: Men's Wallet

Exclusive Gift Set Combo | Makes an ideal gift | Stlyish wallet for men | Wallet with several compartments | Convenient to keep

Customer Reviews

Bijal Visawadia
Hey there, spare your precious time to know the product before buying 

I was looking to gift my dad something so went through few things & decided upon this one.
Why ?
-I checked other options from the same category, but found this reasonable & good looking 
- As they say "One can never go wrong with black" - that's what happened 
- The look of wallet is classy & stylish
- Leather quality is good.
- Wallet isn't bulky to carry & my dad finds it comfortable enough to carry it while driving two wheeler as well.
- Keychain is meeting the requirement & can definitely be used for long.
- Pen compliments the entire giftset & completes the gift combo.
- Product is designed in thoughtful way & packaging is excellent.
- Must have been 8-9 months approximately and my dad still uses it.
Overall a good product. Happy shopping people !
Shweta Bahade
Such a great combo pack which is really very preferable as a gift the quality of wallet pen n key chain is amazing..usually whenever it comes to choose a gift for boys it's very hard to choose a gift but this kind of ideas n gifs are really very helpful...thank u Amazon....
lakshmi Kothandaraman
Gifted this to my husband. He felt the wallet is quit big and not quite jeans pocket friendly. But the quality is good though. The key chain looks fine as well. The pen seemed to be quite bling with the crystal bottom. Would have looked nicer if it was a plain black Matt finish pen.