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Open letter: Priyanka Chopra's fake engagement, future fake marriage and future fake husband

I  would never have written this letter if my Dear Friend hadn't had the heart attack on August 19 and he hadn't been engaged with death. For that reason, I'll hide his name (I hope it'll not be announced). I swear on the authenticity of the fragments of my correspondence given in this letter (Mrinaal Chablani is Priyanka Chopra's ex-manager). My same assumptions, assertions and Nick Jonas's characteristics let will remain on my conscience.

I have every reason to believe that Priyanka Chopra's and Nick Jonas's 'love story', their 'short engagement' and upcoming 'wedding' is a cynical scenario of PR-team for the purpose of her naturalization in the USA through fictitious marriage. In my opinion the author of this miserable show for teenagers and housewives is Anjula Acharia. I have no doubt that she was the one who chose this 'fiance from toy box' to solve Priyanka's problems in the USA after all her remarks to the Trump's administration and his policy, as well as words about her discrimination in Hollywood (I think American ''liberals' just used her for political purposes). I highly doubt that such feminist as Priyanka Chopra 'suddenly' can love such Texas's boy with such reputation in normal conditions. Only this year he have demonstrative 'datings' with three women. With the last of which he was seen just a week before the 'stormy love' with Priyanka (with all necessary American templates like Tiffany's ring and big almost empty bag.)

I almost don't doubt, that these people without honor not only spread messages from endless 'sources' this summer, but also forced Priyanka to deceive mother until August 8 (which follows from Priyanka's tweet). I have no doubt that respected Madhu Chopra all this time thought that all rumors is just PR-strategy. She sincerely said in interview in June that she didn't know who was behind all these rumors, sincerely joked about this in July, and sincerely said 'no wedding' in August. But, judging by everything, as a result she was compelled to reconcile to this disgrace.

My Dear Friend was planning to come to India in late August. Unfortunately, he couldn't arrive spring because of Priyanka's schedule (he also had few contacts in Indian show business, which delayed the process.) He wanted to offer Priyanka the round the world journey on yacht, paying all her forfeits. During this trip my Dear Friend was going to propose Priyanka to become his wife. He sincerely trusted that she would agree to become at least his closest friend that he would be able to take care of. If she married him, she would have at least $ 60 million a year only as pocket money, servants and bodyguards ready to die. My Dear Friend also approved the ocean yacht project, which was going to be named 'Priya'. He planned to gift this yacht to Priyanka for the first child's birthday or her birthday. They could live a wonderful life as Radha and Krishna, whom my Dear Friend always set as an example. But it all happened as he didn't see that coming.

My Dear Friend until the last moment believed that all this 'love story' is only PR-strategy. He was literally paralyzed when he saw the 'short engagement' photos on August 18. He was so shocked by Priyanka's humiliation for the sake of her career and the sight of this ridiculous boy parodying sacred mantras, that we at once prepared for the worst. He lay all the day in terrible pain. His life slowly left him by liters of tears and his eyes turned into two blind balls of dark red glass. When he fell asleep for one hour, his only wish was to move with Priyanka to Goloka Vrindavana, in which he wanted to spend eternity with her. He didn't just love her, it was the real transcendental love that I read about in Indian religious books. He don't wanted anything to do and just wished a speedy departure from this world. His resentment was only the starting point of this path to darkness. He also said: 'This story repeated again many years later.' I don't know what he meant. More I have no right to tell. I'll just say that when this PR-show called 'wedding' takes place, we'll have the Wake.

My Dear Friend always said that Priyanka is impressionable pure girl (he always tenderly called her 'gopi') and has a lot of complexes and unforgiven children's insults. For my Dear Friend Priyanka has always been a sinless creature whose mission was to decorate this world. He said: 'As Koh-i-noor shines for everyone, so this gopi must shine for all.' Also he always said that she's able to awaken all kinds of human love: parental, male, female and friendly. He was very worried that she was surrounded by 'people like rapists seducing children with candy.' He was also very worried that she more and more far from India and not visiting temples. But no matter what, he was simply unable to be angry with her. He was always afraid that Priyanka may stay in society of 'dirty people' (people without honor and principles). One day he looked at Priyanka's 2000-2010 photos and said: 'Where is now this ambitious but pure girl?' When in July I asked about his attitude to possibility Priyanka's and Nick's marriage for the sake of her career and material well-being (in theory), he said: 'Undoubtedly, it'll be an abuse under the guise of legal relationship because of her world glory. She's not a prestigious accessory.' At the same time he told me about the snow-white ermine, which prefers death from predator than escape through mud. I remember that once he said me: 'I'll defend her with my prayers even in hell abyss.'

After all this I want to wish Priyanka to get rid of the obsession of 'America's conquest and global domination', 'Princess Diana's syndrome' and the desire to be the 'first 'white' Indian woman-teacher.' She's very easy to manipulate what is used by those who pray to עגל הזהב. Also I sincerely wish Priyanka the Awakening and the Deep Reassessment of life priorities. She unwittingly became the reason of strongest pain of many people who genuinely love her. Feminism shouldn't mean 'Beat the loving hearts and don't think about consequences - you are in your right!' And I sincerely wish all Indians not to pray to West. Being a progressive Indian doesn't mean imitating Americans or Europeans in everything. Get rid finally of the inferiority complex! And never don't sell to anyone pure Indian girls.

I apologize to anyone who might have been upset by this letter. My Dear Friend has never sought the fame, and I wouldn't want this story to cause an unnecessary fuss. I just couldn't keep it all to myself.


Alexander Volkov

Secretary of Prince Alexander Golitsyn-Volkonskij  


41 754110001


July 2017

Dear Ms. Chablani!

I'll be very grateful if You'll give Ms. P. Chopra Congratulation from Prince ***. He congratulates Ms. P. Chopra with Birthday and wishes Her Good Health, Eternal Youth, Unfading Beauty, Success and Fulfillment of all Desires! He congratulates Her with the Day when She graced this World, and wants to see Her always on twenty and always Happy!

Sincerely Yours,


Secretary of Prince ***


Dear Alexander

Thank you for your wishes

Do pass on our regards to the Prince

Warm regards



Dear Ms. Chablani!

I'll tell frankly: Ms. P.Chopra is very much, very much Dear to Prince - as the Human, not as a star. Her glory isn't important for Him. The Prince's Feelings to Ms. P.Chopra, impossible to describe... Besides everything, Prince is very much concerned by Health of Ms. P.Chopra, considering Her very intense schedule and continuous flights.

Also I would like to ask You: could You organize a meeting of Prince and Ms. P. Chopra in 2018/2019 (considering Her busy schedule and plans)? For example, in Seychelles. I want to emphasize that Prince wouldn't like to overset Her life plans.

I hope for Your understanding and assistance.

Sincerely Yours,


Secretary of Prince ***

April 2018

Dear Madam Chopra!

Prince *** authorized Me to inform You of His willingness to marry Your Beautiful Daughter. Prince loves Her very much. He is ready to make Her happy, to give Her many beautiful healthy children and to protect Her from evil of this world.

Prince understands that His proposal may surprise You, but He no longer wants to hide His intentions. He also understands that Your Daughter is busy with Her career. Therefore, He in no way would like to destroy Her plans for the coming years. He is ready to wait three or five years, very much counting on Your maternal consent to this marriage.


Alexander ***

Secretary of Prince ***

(Exactly a month after this letter began this pathetic show. And all the world press began to convince that Nick Jonas in sports suit and cap is the best husband for Priyanka.)