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Journalism: A Bird’s Eye View

The scholarly libraries dealing with journalism, of late, have proliferated to such an unprecedented extent that I have hardly any single word to add afresh. However, precisely, journalism or the duty and responsibility of a journalist, is primarily to report and interpret the happenings in an around an area. Of late, journalism has become a tool to spread social awareness in the shape of a campaign on some confronting issue. 

The other day I talked of print journalism and its aspects—both positive and negative which I need not repeat today. Let us concentrate on web journalism which strike major attention in the world of digitalization and then we would discuss in brief the participatory or citizen journalism. 

What is there in journalism? Why some selected happenings need to be entertained? To discuss the answer I would like to talk of the most striking question I have ever faced so far. Why the government doing something good is not entertained? Indeed. The answer, precisely, if the government does to uplift the lots is, in fact, hardly a news since our is a welfare state and as such the government is bound to do all these to boost welfare measures. But news would be when the government would fail to deliver the goods, if the lots are disappointed with the people in power. Till the other day we learnt that if a dog bites a man it’s not news but if the man bites the dog it’s the huge story to be entertained since men, usually, do not bite dog. We must look at the things from this perspectives. 

Journalism, at times, can be a huge campaign against confronting issues which needs to be endorsed. Since the society is plagued by umpteen numbers of issues which include the most relevant witch hunting, large scale corruption, child marriage, human rights violation and what not. An aggressive journalism delving deep into these serious issues might help the society escape the jaws of these problems where the authorities must step in. There is no dearth of instances of success. 

Another aspect of today’s journalism is it is a viable means for the commoners to ventilate their grievances if any. If the government fails to act the commoners keep resorting to media to reach the government. Of course, the media here must be an undefeatable sentinel of the state and its people focusing the problems plaguing them. 

To concretize or to top it all let you minds meander in your state, your locality and figure out the burning ones and feel the reality. Then you would see how the real worries would bubble up one by one. Approach the people and perceive the magnitude and focus it to grab the attention of the authority and keep waiting to see the response or reaction. 

Decades ago, an incident was reported and thus the reporter washes his or her hands wash. But circumstances have forced us to take a different turn. Mention may be made of the frequent incidents of road mishaps. Apart from narrating the incident we must not ignore the real ground of these repeated incidents which need to be focused. May be due to the bad road condition, may be because of the rash driving, or may be due to the absence of sleeping police on the road. These need to be looked into for a long term benefit of the society.