Where the clouds gently touch the Jaintia hills, orchids blossom, khasi virgins dance in unison, caves meander furtherest, uranium deposits are found, smoke bellowing from Jhuming, Pineapples taste sweetest and Umiam lake is the deepest.

Khasi Tradition & Morals :

The British divided the tribes of two hills into Jaintias and Khasis, to further their supremacy over the innocent tribals. Both the tribes are larger part of the Khasi community. The ethics and morals of Khasis have been subject of study which enshrines the following :

Tipsot : Know what is right and Just

Tipbriew : Know man and Know God

Tipkur : Know and respect your kinsmen

Tip Burom Know the etiquette of life

Khasis believe that one should earn by righteousness and hard work ban kamai ia ka hok