Trekking in Meghalaya

Trekking in Meghalaya is always tantalizing. Though the terrain is rugged like the Himalayan areas, it is not snowbound. The possibility of encountering many rare animals adds to the attraction.

Trekking routes.

Smit: The trek begins from State Library and after passing the Crinoline Falls, it ascends till it reaches Laitkor. This two-day trek includes some parts along the metalled road.

Mawlyngot: It is a fairly big village, connected by a proper road. The route after this village descends sharply till it reaches the Singsong gorge along the Um Song River. Both the banks of Um Song River are covered by thick mix forest with dense undergrowth.

Pynursla: The route after Um Song ascends sharply till it reaches the town of Pynursla.

Weiloi to Ponkung / Pongkung to Umngi: One can reach Weiloi village from Shillong by car/bus. On the way from Weiloi to Umngi there exist two natural mineral water springs. The Hot Spring of Umngi has the potential for becoming a health resort. From Weiloi, one can also opt for a less exhausting shorter route via Mawblang.

Besides these routes, there exist some excellent long bridle path s which were constructed by the erstwhile British rulers. The path from Ladmawphlang to Mawngap is one among them. It was made by Captain David Scott.