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Caesar Agustus proclaimed a decree
That did perturb the whole of Galilee
A decree concerning tax and census
To one’s native land one had to return thus.

Among the travelers were Joseph and Mary
Their movement quite slow not as the many,
For as Mary was then great with the Child
The ass should gallop gently and mild.

At Chimham near Bethlehem stood an inn
Never such a rush this lonely inn had seen,
Every room every corner jampacked with persons
To spend the night, their journey to carry on.

Thus for Joseph and Mary there was no chance
The poor inn keeper sweating with lamp in hands
To try if these poor couple could be accommodated
At least to prevent them from being frustrated.

But inspite of the best of his efforts
Any empty room? The answer unfortunately not,
At last in the inn-keeper’s stable cover
They would have to spend the night over.

The dusty sand and the heat of the sun
Did fatigue one and every person,
Soon Bethlehem was plunged into darkness
For expecting Mary, their problem you could guess.

Meanwhile shepherds were watching flocks by night
Never were they in such an awful fright,
But the angel in His glory brought forth the tiding
The birth of the Saviour, the King of kings.

The three wise men from the East quite far
Were steadily following the guiding star,
But Alas! With too much wisdom crept a mistake
For unto king Herod they went, advice to take.

“The King is born? Do what I hear is correct?”
The news almost fatally choked his neck,
That Judah now would have two kings
Never would Herod accept such a tiding.

“So wise men, when Him you have found
Let me also have a privilege Him to crown”
With devilish intent he murmured to kill the baby
“Lest to my dark power very dangerous he could be”.

Though by God’s intervention Herod was deprived
The golden chance to take the newborn’s life
The fate of all the two year old males and under
Simply awaiting the bloodiest of massacre

Thus all along the coast of Galilee
There were weeping as never it could be
Mothers helplessly watched their babies’ fate
Suffering the impact of the Roman soldiers’ blades.

As foretold thus by Jeremiah, man of God
Rama was one place among the unlucky lots
Rachel long long buried, reunited her bones
To join the lamenting mothers as they mourned.

What a lesson friend to learn from
If we confuse God’s divine wisdom
“Your ways are not my ways” he said,
Do remember this rule peace you’d beget.

But should the wise men squarely to be blamed
Wise men from the East with lots of fame?
Who would on earth imagine the King of kings
Would be born in a manger? an absurd thing.

And almost two thousand and ten years after
Movement of people repeated the world over
This time not to respect Augustus for tax and census
People (air, sea, railways, roads) go home sweet home to celebrate birth of Jesus.

While celebrating the tenth Christmas of the millennium
Let us each and every one do it with doulce et decorum
Spread the message of humility, love and peace
Let hatred in this mad mad world finally cease to exist.