Meghalaya at a Glance

One of the seven sisters of the north east of India, Meghalaya covers an area of 300 kilometers (approx) in length and about 100 kilometers (approx) in breadth. It is surrounded by Assam on the north and east and by Bangladesh on the south and west.

Abundant rainfall, sun-shine, virgin forests, high plateaus, tumbling waterfalls, crystal clear rivers, meandering streamlets ornament Meghalaya with natural beauty. But the real jewels of Meghalaya are the sturdy, intelligent and hospitable people.

Khasis, Jaintias and Garos are the main tribes of Meghalaya.

Location: Latitude 20° N & 26°, Longitude 85° E & 92°
Area: 22,429 Sq. Km.
Population: 17,74,778 (1991 census)
Capital: Shillong
Districts: 7
Literacy: 62%
Forest Area: 8,510 Sq. Km.
Average Rainfall: 1200 cm per annum
Temperature: Average 18-20° C
Highest Point: Shillong Peak (1965 m)


There are 11 districts in Meghalaya.