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Wandell Passah's blog

Caesar Agustus proclaimed a decree
That did perturb the whole of Galilee
A decree concerning tax and census
To one’s native land one had to return thus.

At half past two a long bell call
A boy! The most pitiable of all
“Oh! You were sent by Druvaji”
“Yes uncle it is he who sent me”.

He was joined by a flamboyant wife

A comfortable two hour drive from Shillong
Situated on Mawhati road is a village Raitong
Long long ago peculiar brand of bamboos was found
For they grow up with shoots upside down!

At Motphran a bridge on dry river
Constructed, the reason unknown whatsoever,
Many but became rich, for this I am sure
But who bothers it is government expenditure.

1. A Rangjyrteh hut did see a new dawn
When unto the couple, a lovely daughter was born,
Pain of labour gone, worry no more
When this most precious gift knocked at their door.

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